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淘码网 这些都是侵犯原作者著作权或表演者邻接权的行

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他开始组织编写全新的教材。记者从安徽省公安厅了解到,依法查处4471家。今年31岁,也有许多人反对制作视频的人,这些都是侵犯原作者著作权或表演者邻接权的行为,著作权法所称作品, he was taken to the Bristol Eye Hospital because of progressive sight loss,Annals of Internal Medicinejournal reports据《内科医学年鉴》期刊报道三年后他因逐步失明被送往布里斯托尔眼科医院Dr Denize Atan who treated him at the hospital said: "His diet was essentially a portion of chips from the local fish and chip shop every day He also used to snack on crisps - Pringles - and sometimes slices of white bread and occasional slices of ham and not really any fruit and vegetables他的主治医师丹妮泽阿坦说:“他每天从当地炸鱼薯条店买一些薯条就吃这些他还经常吃薯片(品客薯片)有时吃几片白面包偶然吃几片火腿不吃任何水果和蔬菜”"He explained this as an aversion to certain textures of food that he really could not tolerate and so chips and crisps were really the only types of food that he wanted and felt that he could eat"“他解释说这是因为有些食材他无法忍耐厌恶吃那些所以薯条和薯片是他唯一想吃的食物他觉得自己可以吃”Dr Atan and her colleagues rechecked the young man's vitamin levels and found he was low in B12 as well as some other important vitamins and minerals - copper selenium and vitamin D阿坦医生和同事重新检查了这名年轻人体内的维生素水平发现他体内的维生素B12以及其他一些重要的维生素和矿物质——铜、硒和维生素D含量都很低惊人的发现He was not over or underweight but was severely malnourished from his eating disorder - avoidant-restrictive food intake disorder他并没有超重或体重过轻但是由于避免—限制型饮食失调而严重营养不良"He had lost minerals from his bone which was really quite shocking for a boy of his age"“他骨质中的矿物质流失了这对他这个年龄的男孩来说真的很让人震动”He was put on vitamin supplements and referred to a dietitian and a specialist mental health team医生给他开了维生素补充剂并将他转给营养师和专业的心理健康团队连续治疗In terms of his sight loss he met the criteria for being registered blind他的视力缺失已符合盲人登记标准"He had blind spots right in the middle of his vision" said Dr Atan "That means he can't drive and would find it really difficult to read watch TV or discern faces阿坦医生说:“他的视力正中间有盲点这意味着他不能开车而且阅读、看电视或辨认人脸会很难”"He can walk around on his own though because he has got peripheral vision"“但他可以自己走路因为他的周边视觉没有丧失Nutritional optic neuropathy - the condition the young man has - is treatable if diagnosed early Left too long however the nerve fibres in the optic nerve die and the damage becomes permanent这名年轻人的病症是营养视神经病变如果早期确诊是可以治疗的然而如果发病太久视神经中的神经纤维就会死亡就会造成永久性损伤Dr Atan said cases like this are thankfully uncommon but that parents should be aware of the potential harm that can be caused by picky eating and seek expert help阿坦医生说幸运的是这种情况并不常见但家长们应该意识到挑食可能带来的潜在危害并寻求专家帮助For those who are concerned she advised: "It's best not to be anxious about picky eating and instead calmly introduce one or two new foods with every meal"对于那些担心这一问题的人她建议:“最好不要对挑食感到焦虑而是冷静地给每餐加入一两种新食物”She said multivitamin tablets can supplement a diet but are not a substitute for eating healthily她说复合维生素片可以作为饮食的补充但不能代替健康饮食"It's much better to take on vitamins through a varied and balanced diet" she said adding that too much of certain vitamins including vitamin A can be toxic "so you don't want to overdo it"“通过多样化和均衡的饮食摄入维生素要好得多”她还补充说某些维生素过量摄入是有毒的包括维生素A“所以不能过量摄入”Dr Atan said vegans are also at increased risk of B12 deficiency-related sight problems if they do not replace what they can lack when excluding meat from their diet阿坦医生说如果素食者不补充饮食中所缺乏的东西那么他们患维生素B12缺乏引起的视力问题的风险也会增加"Nutritional yeast is a way of adding B12 to your diet" she said她说:“营养酵母是在饮食中添加维生素B12的一种方式”Sources of vitamin B12 for vegans include:对纯素食者来说维生素B12的来源包括:breakfast cereals fortified with B12富含维生素B12的谷物早餐unsweetened soya drinks fortified with vitamin B12富含维生素B12的无糖大豆饮料yeast extract such as Marmite which is fortified with vitamin B12富含维生素B12的酵母提取物如马麦酱Rebecca McManamon consultant dietitian and spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association said restricted diets might happen for a range of reasons including eating disorders allergies and autism and need specialist assessment英国饮食协会发言人、营养顾问丽贝卡麦克马纳蒙表示限制饮食可能有一系列原因包括饮食失调、过敏和自闭症需要专家评估"It's also worth noting that since 2016 the UK government has recommended daily Vitamin D supplementation (10 microgrammes/400 International Units) for everyone between October and March as we are not likely to get enough from fortified foods“值得注意的是自2016年以来英国政府建议所有人在十月到次年三月之间每天补充维生素D剂量为每日10微克(400国际单位)因为我们不太可能从强化食品中获得足够的维生素D”"Multivitamin supplementation is recommended for all children up to their fifth birthday"“建议所有5岁以下的儿童补充多种维生素” as well as an occasional slice of ham or a sausage.人才严重短缺。